Publisher's Preface

By the Grace of G-d

Mendelsohn Press is proud to publish the monumental and historic work, "'And He will Redeem Us' -- Moshiach in our Time."

As we approach the Redemption, the entire issue of Moshiach has become increasingly topical, and is being discussed far beyond the walls of yeshivos and synagogues.

Through disseminating thoughtful and articulate information about this universal topic, it is our hope that confusion will be dispelled, and that the reader will reach a clearer understanding of the subject.

The contents of this book is a collection from the Rebbe's own teachings, writings and responses to Chasidim, a beautiful photo essay, and supplemental articles from shluchim, mashpiim and Chasidim, describing the subject of Moshiach and Geulah, and particularly its relevance after the Third of Tamuz.

We are eternally indebted to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, shlita, for inspiring us to venture into the publishing world, and for his blessings to us to become the world's largest publisher and distributor, which we are already beginning to see its fruition.

We trust that this book will bring nachas ruach to our beloved Rebbe and speedily--in the words of the Rebbe--we will "see and be together with the Rebbe, down here in a physical body and within our reach, and he will redeem us."

Aaron Mendelsohn
Israel Seldowitz
Mendelsohn Press, Inc.

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